Household Pest Control

Ant Control

pest control for ants

Effective ant control begins with identification. Our technicians are specifically trained to identify species and prescribe proper control measures.

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Mosquito Control


Our mosquito experts inspect and customize a treatment plan for your home. Enjoy your lawn, deck, and/or pool areas without the painful bites and the threat of the many diseases that mosquitoes carry. 

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Flea Control


Fleas are parasites, feeding only on blood. Remarkably, fleas still carry Bubonic Plague today.  Protect your family & pets from their bites and the threat of disease.

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Bedbug Control


Bedbugs feed exclusively on blood and can be brought into your home from a variety of places. Control is not a do it yourself project, requiring the pro's expertise, attention to detail, and their service guarantee.

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Spider Control


Not all spiders are poisonous, but they're all threatening and scary. Eliminate spider problems and rest easy knowing your home is protected from uninvited guests.

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Cockroach Control


Whether huge "outdoor" roaches or small German "kitchen" roaches, Pronto has an effective treatment plan. We'll evaluate your particular situation and prescribe a treatment plan just for your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pest Control


Is it safe?

Probably the # 1 question we're asked, "Is your service safe for my children and pets?"  The short answer is YES!  Like any household cleaner, if it's used correctly, it poses no danger to anyone. Manufacturers of pest control products have spent years developing the most effective products with the lowest toxicity and application methods with minimal exposure. Pronto's highly trained technicians know how, when, where, and what to apply to control your pest problem. Equally important, however is that you follow your technician's instructions and recommendations.

What if I touch an area that's been "sprayed"?

Pronto's indoor pest applications, with the exception of flea treatments, are made to cracks and crevices, minimizing the chance of contact. Always avoid touching any treated area until it's dried. Should you accidentally touch a wet application, wash the exposed skin with soap and water. Your Pronto technician will advise you to leave the treated area for a couple of hours  when a treatment for fleas is being applied to your indoor living areas to allow time for it to dry.

How long will the treatment take?

Of course times will vary depending on the size of the structure, but also will vary with the particular pest and required treatment methods. Most treatments are completed in under 1 hour.

What should I do to prepare for a pest control service?

 Your Pronto technician will advise you to remove pet food, water dishes, exposed food items, and children's toys from areas he needs to treat. Vacuuming prior to our visit is needed in flea control.

How long does it take to begin working?

With most treatments, you'll see results almost immediately, however, completely eliminating the problem can take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the particular pest being controlled.

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