Ants or termites? we'll protect your home from costly damage


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Swarming Termites are often mistaken for flying ants. The biggest difference is flying ants are a nuisance, but termites can cost you thousands in damage repairs. You must be certain.


While both ants and termites have two pair of wings, ant wings are two different, "unequal" lengths, while termite wings are exactly the same, "equal" lengths.

Abdomen (their waist)

Ants, as most folks are familiar with, have a "pinched", thin abdomen. Flying Ants are easily recognized as they just look like a ant with wings. Termite abdomens are straight, no "pinch".


You'll have to look very close, but you can see that ants have bent (elbowed) antennae, while swarming termites' antennae are completely straight with no bend or elbow at all.

Why act quickly?

Swarming termites are an absolute indicator of an active termite colony present in or around your home or business. That colony consists of thousands of workers with one job in life, feeding on wood and wood  products.  Left alone, they're eating away at your home and your budget. 

Don't be deceived

The Flying Termites (swarmers) themselves are easily killed, but killing them is only turning your head to the real problem. The worker termites will continue to damage your home until they eat all the wood. The swarmers don't cause damage; the colony itself must be eliminated.