Bat Control


Georgia Bats

There are 16 species of bats found in Georgia, but we primarily find the Little Brown Bat and Big Brown Bat species most likely to roost in the attics and chimneys of our homes and other structures. Bats are only a nuisance pest when they decide to occupy human dwellings. They are a natural source of mosquito and other insect control and should only be removed and/or excluded by a professional when absolutely necessary.


Bat Season

Bat exclusions should be avoided between April 1st and July 31st of each year. During this time, bat pups are too young to fly and may become trapped inside structures. Maternity periods vary by species, but all fall within this time frame. Bats should not be handled. They are generally harmless, however, if picked up they will bite and, while very few actually carry rabies, the disease is fatal and anyone who has contact with a bat should seek immediate medical attention.


Exclusion & Clean Up

Bat Exclusion is a tedious process to identify every potential opening that bats will harbor in, because those opening will be used every year they remain available. Opening can be sealed during daylight hours as bat "one-way exit" cones allow adult bats to exit, but not return to the excluded area. Again, inspection is critical to determine that any and all young have left the roost.

Clean Up of bat droppings (guano) is another tedious and dangerous job. Histoplasmosis, a type of lung infection caused by the breathing of spores released when contaminated guano is disturbed. This clean-up should only be performed by trained professionals with protective gear.

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