Ant Control starts with a thorough inspection of the structure.  Structures contain many favorable hiding and nesting sites for ants. Preferred sites include spaces behind walls, cabinets, and appliances; behind window and door frames; and beneath floors and concrete slabs. We'll find all the harborage areas that ants may favor.


 To most people, all ants look pretty much alike. In truth, dozens of different species occur around structures, each having unique characteristics which may influence the method of control. 

Defining a Solution

The mistake most people make when attempting to control ants is only spraying the ones they see. This approach usually fails because the ants seen foraging over exposed surfaces is only a small portion of the colony.  There will often be thousands of additional ants including one or more egg-laying queens hidden somewhere in a nest. Eliminating queens and other colony members within nests is often the key to effective ant control.   


Choosing the proper bait to use for specific ant species allows faster, more effective control. Pronto technicians have the necessary knowledge to make the right choice, as well as the expertise on how and where to apply it.

Liquid Applications

It may also be necessary to make crack and crevice application of liquid insecticides into points of entry to protect against future entry.

Perimeter Inspection & Application

Of course, most ant problems originate outside the structure.  Exterior application of baits or undetectable liquids can often aid in speeding up the ant control process.  Locating nesting areas outside allow our technician to determine the best plan of action for effective control.

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