What are Termite Bonds?

A Termite Bond is a contract between a property owner and the pest control company. It describes in detail the type of treatment to be performed, type of warranty, frequency of services, and other general terms and conditions of the contract, including renewal terms and associated fees.

What Types of Bonds Exist?

In Georgia, there are two types of bonds (warranties), Re-Treatment, which provides for re-treatment of a structure, and Repair, which provides for the re-treatment of a structure as well as the repair of any damages that termites might cause after the treatment is complete, subject to the general terms and conditions (the fine print) of the contract.

Why Do I Need a Termite Bond?

Termites are ingenious creatures, and there is no perfect treatment. No one can guarantee that termites won't reoccur. Termite bonds provide money saving protection against that possibility, as well as providing regular professional inspection of your property.

Why Do I Have to Pay a Renewal Fee?

Quite simply, your renewal fee pays for your bond to remain active. It pays for your pest control company's insurance that stands behind your Damage Repair coverage, as well as helps pay for the professional technicians that perform treatments and inspections every day.

Check out Pronto's Termite bond

Below you can download and view an actual Pronto Termite Bond, front and back. The front contains all defining info as well as pricing and renewal information. The back contains the General Terms and Conditions of the specific contract. RP Contract is Pronto's Termite Damage Repair Bond, and RT Contract front is Pronto's Re-Treatment Only Bond. The General Terms and Conditions are the same on both types of bonds.

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