Eastern Gray Squirrels...

are the most commonly seen squirrels in North Georgia. While they prefer to nest in trees, they will frequently enter attic areas to build nests and raise their young. They are most active in the early morning and late afternoon, and the young can often be heard playfully chasing each other around the attic. Females give birth about 45 days after mating, twice annually, usually in March and September. They will chew holes into fascia boards or just find an existing hole to gain access into a dry favorable area to raise their family. They will damage or ruin insulation with their nesting, urination and defication. 


Southern Flying Squirrels...

are nocturnal creatures that glide rather than actually fly wherever they want to go. They live in groups and are omnivores, feeding on plants, insects, even bird eggs. Their presence in attics presents the danger of chewed wiring, ruined insulation from their odorous droppings, as well as the nuisance noises that they make during the night when they're active. Exposure to flying squirrels have been linked to cases of epidemic typhus in humans known as "sylvatic typhus".


Trapping, Removal, & Exclusion...

is the best way to control both types of squirrels. Trapping requires inspection and assessment to determine the right course of action. Daily monitoring prevents undesired death of trapped animals and relocation of these creatures is critical to prevent re-infestation. Exclusion can prevent re-entry, however it too requires the expertise of a professional. Pronto technicians are highly trained in the art of trapping and exclusion, as well as the biology and habits of these mammals.   Don't wait, Call Now:  770-554-8225

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