Termite Baiting Systems

The Truth About Termite Baiting

Termite Baits do kill termites. Depending on which data you choose to believe, they can kill termites in as little as 120 days or as long as years. But those stations are 10 to 20 feet apart, and rely solely on the termites natural instinct to randomly forage for food.

Here's the truth:  Your home is your most valuable asset and the most important investment you'll ever make. You want to fully protect it and your family.  Will any product or bait system, (or anything else) completely eliminate the risk of termites in your home.


However, Pronto's Treatment Plan against termites provides the most comprehensive protection available in the Pest Control Industry today.  Best of all, it's backed up by Pronto's Lifetime Renewable Termite Damage Repair Bond.

Pronto uses Termite Baiting Systems, to do what they do best, to provide MONITORING around the perimeter of your home. When termites do hit a station, that station is baited to eliminate that attacking termite colony and then monitoring continues. Dr. Brian Forschler,   Principle Investigator for the Household and Structural Entomology Research Program at the University of Georgia, and considered The termite expert in the Southeast U.S., found that there are 13-14 colonies per acre in Georgia.

At Pronto, we believe the best termite protection is attained by using an undetectable non-repellent liquid (Pronto chooses Termidor HE) along with a bait monitoring system. Quarterly inspections provide the necessary information to allow Pronto to confidently offer our Lifetime Termite Damage Repair Bond.