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Termite Control with you in mind

Every treatment we prescribe is done with you in mind. Care for your family as well as your home,  using the latest and best technology available to provide complete protection against termites and the damage they cause. Fast control and protection for years to come.

Pronto's Three-fold Approach

Our treatments take advantage of the three finest methods in termite control. 

  1. Non-Repellent, Undetectable Liquids
  2. Foaming Agents
  3. Bait/Monitoring Systems

Every home is different, requiring specific but different treatment methods. Pronto uses the latest innovations in termite control, to insure termite pest control that can be insured for a lifetime.

Non-Repellent, Undetectable Liquids

There are several brands, but we choose Termidor. It allows us to apply a barrier around the structure that not only cannot be detected by termites, but is also designed to allow termites to enter into it, pick it up on their bodies, and then pass it to other colony members via the "transfer effect". Termidor's unique "transfer effect" allows it to attain 100% control with very low toxicity.

Foaming Agents

 Tests have shown that foam can be used to treat many places that were inaccessible with liquid termiticide. The foaming agent can be added to the  termiticide, and can be injected under a concrete slab to treat cracks, expansion joints, and plumbing penetrations. While not required on every structure, foams when needed are the best approach to insure effective control.

Bait/Monitoring Systems

We recognize that bait/monitoring systems are a great tool to aid in effective termite protection. Monitoring the stations regularly allows us to know if termites are present and actively foraging near the structure. However, because they are very slow acting and require termites to feed upon them, they are not a good "stand-alone" choice for termite control.

Just The Basic Facts...

No termite treatment is 100% fool-proof. The key to any effective termite control plan is regular inspection. At Pronto, we schedule quarterly monitoring inspections, (and more often if deemed necessary) to insure the best protection against termites the damage they can cause. Our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind in knowing we've done and are consistently doing everything possible to protect your home against the threat of termites re-occurring.

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