Bats and Snakes

Bats and Snakes

Little Brown Bats are one of the most common we have in Georgia. They are about 2 1/2 inches in length and their wingspan can extend out to 11 inches! Their fur can be varying shades of brown. Big Brown Bats, the other very common species in Georgia, are 5 inches long and have a wingspan of up to 13 inches. They also have varying shades of brown fur. Their wings are fur-less and completely black.

From May to August, pregnant females gather together in maternity "colonies" in crevices found in rock facings, bridges, barns, and even our homes or businesses. Males and those females not bearing young will roost alone.

Bats are harmless and actually beneficial, eating mosquitoes and other small insects, but they are a great nuisance when they decide to move into your home.

At Pronto, our goal is to "build out the bats", excluding them from areas of your home are business that they may be tempted to roost in. Pronto always handles bat problems as relocation projects for welcomed partners in insect control. Using bat removal products such as valves, tubes, and netting, Pronto sees that the bats are handled in the most humane way possible, while providing exactly what you're looking for, bat removal RESULTS!

Snake Control

Snakes provoke fear in all of us. While they serve a great purpose in nature, controlling rodent populations and the like, their trespassing into our homes and lawns creates less than favorable feelings about these serpents.

Most snake species prefer to spend their time hidden in a thicket, or sunning on some nearby rocks. However, as we build closer into their environments, and their favorite foods move to share ours, we encounter snakes on more than an occasional basis.

In most cases, controlling snakes and preventing them from invading your space, is directly connected with the control of the rodents they like to feed upon. Remove the food source, remove the snake, proves to be a fairly good rule of thumb. However, sometimes snake control can be a little tricky. At Pronto, our approach to snake control is simple:

  1. Eliminate Food Sources – Mice, rats, occasionally even small pets can be attractive to hungry snakes.
  2. Remove Snake Cover – eliminating the areas in which they can hide.
  3. Seal holes and other entry points.
  4. Trapping – Using traps to catch persistent snake pests may be needed.
  5. Repellents – Using repellents can discourage snakes from approaching an area.

Most snakes encountered are harmless, absolutely as afraid of you as you are of them. There are four venomous snakes to take serious note of:

  1. Southern Copperhead
  2. Cottonmouth (or Water) Moccasin
  3. Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
  4. Eastern Coral Snake

Of these, the copperhead is the most common is the Southeast, but each can be found in Georgia. All are extremely venomous and should not be handled! If you encounter a venomous snake, please contact a professional for help.