Termite Bait Systems

Termite Bait Systems

Termite Bait Systems

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The Advance Termite Bait System is an in-ground monitoring system specifically designed for termites. The Termite Bait System consists of several components that work together to control termite infestations. The bait system includes a termite bait station (TBS), termite monitoring base (TMB), termite inspection cartridge (TIC), and a termite bait cartridge (TBC).

The termite bait station (TBC) houses the bait system components. The TBC has a Quick-Lock Cap that protects the exposed portion of the station. The bait station can only be accessed by using a tool called a 'Spider' which can unlock the tamper-proof cap covering the station.termite control

If the TIC shows the presence of termites, termite bait cartridges (TBCs) are put into place instead of a TIC to start the baiting process. The TBC contains Puri-Cell tablets mixed with a powerful termiticide Diflubenzuron which consists 0.25% of the bait's weight.

Why the Advance Termite Bait System ?
The Advance Termite Bait System is highly effective in monitoring and control
The product's active ingredient Diflubenzuron, significantly reduce termite populations. Unlike other systems, the Advance Termite Bait System is a tw0-part system, consisting of the monitor base, and the inspection cartridge. Whereas other, "one-part" systems interrupt feeding when inspected, the two-part design allow inspection of the system without disturbance of the feeding termites, thereby reducing bait rejection, and eliminating termite colonies faster and more effectively.

"Research on termite bait efficacy using the Whitmire Micro-Gen system is in its third year at 6 sites using molecular markers to verify colony elimination. Thebait sites, following bait consumption, have provided 2+ years of inactivity while the control sites continue to record high levels of termite activity. This isthe first study using a commercial termite bait product to use control sites and constitutes the only study where the scientific method has been applied to measuring bait efficacy."

Dr. Brian Forschler, University of Georgia