Ants and Roaches

Ants and Roaches

Ant Control Fast!

DID YOU KNOW...with some ants, "Spraying Them" is the worst thing you can do. Some Georgia species have multiple Queens and/or reproductives which, when "sprayed", with something as innocent as hairspray, will split the colony into two, four, or more and your problem is only multiplied.

To most householders, all ants look pretty much alike.

In truth, dozens of different species occur around homes and buildings, each having unique characteristics which may influence the method of control. In Georgia, the most common house-invading ants include argentine ants, carpenter ants, fire ants, pharaoh ants, and odorous house ants. Each species can require a different treatment approach. Knowing which ant(s) you have often requires the help of your Pronto technician. Collecting a few of the non-winged worker ants in a plastic bag or vial will help us with subsequent identification.

Argentine Ant
Argentine Ants will eat almost anything but prefer sweets. Unlike other ants, Argentine Ants do not swarm to reproduce and spread their colony. Their queen actually leaves her colony on foot to establish new ones, close by and usually attached to her existing colony.

Argentine Ants use well defined travel paths between their colony and their food source. Following these paths to the colony often aid in elimination of these damaging pests. Argentine ants infest homes, with multiple interconnecting colonies, each containing as many as several million ants.

Carpenter Ant
Carpenter Ants can be equally damaging to homes. Many folks mistakenly believe that Carpenter Ants eat the wood of their homes, the truth is, however that the wood which they excavate to build their nests is already damaged by moisture, providing ideal conditions for the Carpenter Ant harborage.

Pharoah Ant
Pharoah Ants are very small "yellowish" ants. They will invade any protected or hidden area inside homes and businesses. Unlike many other ants, Pharoah Ants have multiple queens which can relocate their colony if disturbed. This creates particular problems when homeowners do their own "spraying" to kill these difficult pests. The Pharoah Ants will actually split into several colonies, relocating into other areas of the home

Fire Ant
Fire Ants are very active and extremely aggressive. They will attack wild animals and their young, pets, and people, occasionally even killing them. They will virtually take over homes, lawns, school yards, playgrounds, ball fields, golf courses and any other area they invade. They have glands that emit chemical pheromones that mark their paths when they are foraging. They will eat almost anything but prefer proteins (insects and meat).

Roach Control

German Roaches
German Roaches, most commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms of restaurants, homes, and businesses, are the fastest breeding roach in Georgia. Each individual egg capsule can contain up to 48 roaches. Worse than that, each female can lay as many as eight egg capsules. That is up to 400 offspring!

American and Smokey Brown Roaches
Both of these types are large, mahogany colored roaches about an 1 1/2 inches long. Both are quite good flyers and typically live outdoors. Entering indoors to forage for foods, or find dark, usually damp harborage areas, can create quite the startle for home and business owners. 

Controlling these roaches requires careful evaluation and specific treatment plan. While these plans will vary by property, all will include some form of:

  1. Inspection to locate all areas of activity.
  2. Determine and correct outdoor areas favorable for roach activity, treating with exterior granular baits.
  3. Locate entry points, sealing and excluding them, and treating with residual applications where safe and practical.
  4. Pinpoint breeding areas inside, applying growth regulators to prevent young from becoming breeding adults.

Pronto offers a specialized approach to German Roach control. Pronto's "GREAT" Plan, offers effective, permanent control of German Roaches, working cooperatively with the property owner to insure the fastest possible results. For more information about the Pronto GREAT Plan, Call Today!