Attic Invasion

With Fall and Winter months come squirrels. Squirrels begin looking for good places to over winter. Gray Squirrels will begin preparing there nesting sites, as they begin their breeding, in December and continue all the way into February. Males can often be seen in the Winter months, chasing females up and down trees. Eastern Gray Squirrels can breed as young as 5 1/2 months old, usually breeding by the age of 1 year. While they will build a nest, commonly called a drey, in the fork of trees, out of dry twigs and leaves. Squirrels will also nest in attics of our homes, or in the exterior walls of the house, where they create a serious fire hazard due to their habit of gnawing on electrical cables.

Gray Squirrels are hoarders, storing food in "caches" around their nesting areas. They will make literally thousands of these caches each year and have an incredible memory, knowing exactly where each of these caches are located. Interestingly, if the squirrel thinks it's being watched, it will "pretend" to bury its food, buy digging a hole and miming the placement of the food into it while actually hiding it in their mouths, then covering the "cache" as though they've hidden it there.

Squirrels do not hibernate, but usually rest during the heat of the day, being very active in the early morning and evening hours. They are the most commonly seen mammal in our area. While many folks find them "cute" and enjoy their presence, they are members of the rodent family, and, like rats, are responsible for millions of dollars in damages each year.

It is estimated that they are the cause of 1/3 of all house fires.

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