The Truth About Termites



Spring is finally here, and with it, all sorts of insects begin to stir. Often the most alarming of these is the termite swarms that occur, as they did on this past Saturday.

I've had many folks ask me about these swarms, whether they're ants or termites, even one question about "white ants". I thought I'd take a minute to give you some accurate info about termites.

First, no, those are not white ants, they're termite workers, the termites that actually damage your homes. You'll notice if you kick open an ant mound, the "white things" don't move on their own. They're actually the pupae cases of the ants and they're protected by the worker ants of the colony.

"White" termite workers move about on their own, and, although their blind, will quite easily get back down underground if you leave them undisturbed. They're often seen when folks are planting or landscaping around their home, and, yes, you should be concerned.

Secondly, those swarms you may have seen Saturday, and likely again on the next warm day, are not flying ants, but flying termites. They're males and females, leaving an existing colony to pair up and begin a family of their own. What they do tell you, however, is that the existing colony is nearby. While there are 13 to 14 colonies per acre in Georgia and they can swarm from wooded areas, if you see them swarming near your home, it is better to be safe than sorry. Termite inspections are free, and can provide some real "cash-saving" information.

Finally, I've had several of you ask me about transferring your existing warranty to Pronto. The most common questions I get is whether you'll have to pay for a treatment again. The short answer is NO. You can choose to have your termite protection with whoever you like, and I'd love the chance to be your "bug-man".

Give me a call or send me an email and I'll get with you on the details. But don't be afraid about changing. I can offer you great service, with quite likely better protection and possibly save you money.

Most of all, remember, termite damage is NOT COVERED BY HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE. Oh, and you don't want to wait until after you find termite damage to buy termite protection. Get an inspection and protect your pocket book!

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